Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches
Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches

The Dalmatian Breed

The exact origins of the Dalmatian breed are unclear. However, the Ancient Egyptians already had murals of dogs, which looked very like today’s Dalmatians.


Dalmatians were formerly escort dogs for carriages and therefore have enormous stamina. They love long walks with as much variety as possible. Searching games and dog sports are ideal for this sporty breed. They’re perfectly suited to riding out, bicycle tours or similar things and are quickly in their element.


As Dalmatians are very fond of children and very friendly with other animals, they make very good family dogs.


By nature, the Dalmatian is very adaptable. They are lively and extrovert, but rarely bark. They are intelligent and grasp things very well.


A Dalmatian is certainly not a dog that can be left alone all day. He needs daily exercise! With the correct training he could of course stay alone for several hours, but in general he wants to be with his family. After a lovely morning walk they will be very quiet and relaxed. I know of many Dalmatians who willingly go into work in the office.


If you have any questions about the breed or simply want to come along for a walk with our Dalmatians, then don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

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Elevage de dalmatiens


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