Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches
Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches

Wilson vom Lindenthalerdörfli

Wilson is a cute, curious and playful dog.


He likes bike trips and accompanies his master when jogging. He also loves to walk along a river or a lake, where in summer he often takes a bath. He appreciates the walks organized by the Swiss dalmatian club. Playing and running around with the other dogs is simply great.


He loves kids as he loves us adults and gets along very well with cats, too.

Since he was a puppy, Wilson has regularly participated to training at the dog school. He likes all exercises and is also good in trailing.


Wilson is quite successful at dog shows. He got already 4 times the mark 'excellent'. At the next show he has a good chance to become Swiss champion.

The judges appreciate his forceful head, his elegant walk and his nice mottling.

Le chalet des mille taches

Elevage de dalmatiens


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