Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches
Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches

Quinta vom Linderthalerdörfli

Date of birth: 1.10.2008


Quinta is our first Dalmatian. We fell in love with this fantastic breed through her. She is a very bright, clever bitch who understands immediately what is expected of her. She loves all kinds of people, especially children, all breeds of dog and even cats and guinea pigs.


She is very good-natured and tolerant and is very patient with Vicky, who is two years younger. She brightens up every day with her laugh, which Dalmatians really can do. I went to dog training school with her for three years, which is very good for socialization. Apart from that I also do some clicker training with her. As she is very quick to learn, we both have fun learning small tricks, which we then perform for our Alzheimer group at the Old People’s Home. In the children’s group where we go every now and again, she shows her “show talent” and is up for all sorts of fun and games. Quinta will be our breeding “auntie” and will help to educate the puppies. I’m sure she’ll do a great job in her patient and sovereign way.

Le chalet des mille taches

Elevage de dalmatiens


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