Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches
Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches

Our breeding

The puppies are reared by us completely within the family. Our Puppy Room leads directly onto the terrace and into the garden. We think imprinting is very important. They get used to all the noises in a household such as a vacuum cleaner or washing machine. They also get to know about bangs, explosions and shots. This is so that the dogs won’t have any fear of fireworks or hunters in the woods.


In addition we also take the puppies on short excursions and several car journeys. Here they get to know dogs of other breeds and people of all ages.


As we have three cats of our own, they are also used to mixing with them. It goes without saying that the puppies are de-wormed, inoculated and chipped, so that they can be identified during their entire life.


Naturally they also have all the necessary documents including for foreign countries.


Even after purchase we are always available for support and advice. We willingly organize meetings of the dogs from one litter so we can see them all together and see how they’ve developed. This is a good opportunity to answer any questions from the new dog owners.


If the owners want to go on holiday without their dog, they can leave the dogs with us with pleasure. However, as our capacity is limited, we can also arrange (if necessary) contact to boarding kennels that are known to us.


Our breeding male will be Wilson vom Linderthalerdörfli. Please click on the name at top left and find out more about him, Vicky or Quinta.

Le chalet des mille taches

Elevage de dalmatiens


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