Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches
Elevage de dalmatiens - Le chalet des mille taches

Who we are

We are a family with two grown-up sons. For work reasons we moved to France from Germany in 1994. My husband and I have always had cats and for the last 30 years we’ve also had dogs. At the moment we have three cats and our Dalmatians, Quinta and Vicky, living with us.


As I do voluntary work at an Old People’s Home I’m able to organize my time freely and since 2013 have been breeding Dalmatians.


I go walking every day for about 2 hours in total with our two Dalmatians but they’re quite happy with a bit less too.


I also visit the Old People’s Home with the dogs so that the residents can have contact and interact with them. There is a great response to the weekly therapy sessions with sufferers of Alzheimers and dementia, where the dogs play the principal part. Occasionally we also visit the local pre-school and primary schools so that the children can learn how to deal with dogs in a playful way.

Le chalet des mille taches

Elevage de dalmatiens


Karin Joram

14, Les Corneillettes

01170 Crozet

France (Ain)


+33 (0)4 50 42 48 04


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